Herd Sires


While we use outside A.I. sires to introduce new genetics into our cowherd, we also are one of the few seedstock providers to test our own bulls against the industry. By doing so, we know their mother from head to toe, their docility, and their individual performance profile. This has resulted in greater success than combing through the bull books in search of positive results. Furthermore, we are able to reintroduce elite maternal genetics back into our herd.

Here are our current A.I. sires and foundation sires that have us where we are today.


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Tehama Tahoe B767


Tehama Tahoe E425



Tehama Roulette C462


Tehama Patriarch F028



Tehama Titleist A203


Tehama Advance E766



Baldrige Command C036


SS Niagara Z29



Koupal Advance 28


Tehama Bonanza E410


Foundation Herd Sires


The genetics that we have built upon over the last decade or two…


Tehama Revolution N552


Tehama Band P301



Tehama Gridmaker L234


Tehama Total M811



DR Sierra Cut 7404


Tehama Upward Y238


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