The Cowherd


Tehama Angus’ primary focus will always be the cowherd. This foundation of females has been built upon since 1943. The ranch rarely markets females but continues to cull and sort for all economical traits. By always keeping high standards we can guarantee that the bulls we market will sire top-end replacements.

The expectations of our females:

  • Moderate framed, easy fleshing females that thrive in a commercial environment on western U.S. rangelands.

  • Feminine, beautiful uddered females that stand on a solid foundation.  We continue to cull on udders and feet, old or young; problems must go.  

  • High fertility.  A 50-day breeding season gives cows three chances to get bred.

  • Above average production.  Sort off the bottom end every year to continue raising our standards.

  • Consistency.  We expect our females to be just as consistent as our bulls.  Cattlemen are paid for uniformity in their calf crop.  We ship the cows that don’t fit.  


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Tehama Mary Blackbird T073


Tehama BB Elite T155



Tehama Black Lass X600


Tehama Echo X315



Tehama Echo X344


Tehama Elite Blackbird X310



Tehama Mary Blackbird Z723


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Tehama BB Elite Z658 


"Where the cowherd makes the difference"